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Understanding Technical Terms and Features

Man overwhelmed by choice of multimeters




It’s one thing to know what basic functions you require of a multimeter - Voltage, Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Temperature etc.  It’s another thing to nut through all the specifications and understand exactly what your multimeter is capable of.

A lot of the time you only need to know the course parameters of each measurement,  e.g. up to 1000A current,  600V voltage,  1 mega-ohm resistance etc.  But sometimes, particularly in industrial applications, you need to know how your multimeter performs a particular test, how accurate the displayed results are, and whether or not the multimeter will be safe and reliable for the intended application. 

This is where terms such as count, range, resolution, basic accuracy, IP rating, CAT rating, True RMS, crest factor and others come into play. 

If you are not familiar with these terms and how they relate to multimeter measurement, Steve has put together a series of blogs to explain in laymen’s terms what each mean.

 Check them out here.