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PROVA are one of the leading manufacturers in the industry of test and measurement instruments, and every year they design and manufacture new products for their market.

They were established in Taiwan in 1991 as a professional manufacturer of test and measurement instruments, and now have over 25 years experience along with a well skilled group of employees.

Initially, PROVA produced Clamp meters / Tong meters, Anemometers, Tachometers, and Calibrators. They then developed their main products – Clamp-on ground resistance testers, Power and Harmonics Analyzers, Flexible current meters, and Milli-Ohmmeters.  These products were high quality and very successful in the market, and earned PROVA positive feedback from the electrical test and measurement field.

PROVA are carrying on their development and work on the power measurement industry, and they are also extending the application of their instruments to the Solar / PV industry.

By continuing on with the design and development of consistently new, high quality products, PROVA intend to better serve their already happy customers by offering them with even more quality choices.

PROVA are confident in their competitive prices, friendly customer service, and prompt delivery.  This is what has earned them their worldwide customer base, and allows them to continue growing steadily each year. 

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