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Delta Pro makes selecting the right multimeter for you, a simple process.

Not only do we aim to have the best range of quality brands available in Australia, but Steve (an electrician himself) has been through and hand-picked the best of them for you!

Delta Pro offer free shipping on all our products - so there's no hidden costs or surprises. We also offer a 30 day guarantee, so you can be confident in your selection. And as Authorised Resellers for all our brands, you can be confident you will receive the full manufacturers warranty on all our products.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. Steve has been using a large range of multimeters for a number of years, and is happy to answer your questions.



If you know the type of multimeter you're after, start searching now. Be sure to use the search tags (look under 'Refine' if searching from a mobile device) to refine the options shown, and save time by only browsing the most relevant multimeters.

To narrow your search, simply choose the features and specs you desire in the field headings, and click apply. The multimeters that match your search filter will be displayed.

For example, if you know you require a meter with Duty Cycle function, then in the search filters, select Duty Cycle, then click on Yes, then Apply. The meters you see in the collection below will then show only those meters which have Duty Cycle.



It’s no wonder really, there’s such a huge range of options available! To help, we've written a list of the best multimeters available for 2020. 

The best way to drill down and find the best multimeter for you, is to start by asking yourself a few simple questions. Firstly, are you certain that a multimeter is the best meter for you? If you need to measure currents greater than 10A, or if you’d prefer to avoid breaking into a circuit to measure current, then you would be better served with a clamp meter. You can check out our range of Clamp Meters here.

Next you need to determine what functions you require and what parameters you need for these functions. For example, AC Voltage True RMS function up to 1000V.

In our search tags below, we have included filters for voltage and current parameters, as well as the harder to find functions and characteristics of meters that you may require, such as CAT rating, Duty Cycle, etc. By choosing these parameters first you can narrow down your options significantly, then check out the individual parameters of each multimeter in the remaining list to see which one suits you best.

Finally, you’ll notice there’s a large range in prices when looking at available multimeters. It’s fair to wonder what makes the cheaper options any different to those that cost more money. Other than the additional features that could be included in the higher priced multimeters, the biggest difference is reliability (in terms of the meter’s measurement ability and durability). Although the lower priced multimeters can be quite capable in terms of having all the functions you need, they may not be able to measure as accurately as you require, particularly if you’re working in a professional environment or capacity where calibrated accuracy is a must. Also, the multimeters at the lower end of the pricing scale are often not as durable or reliable in different types of work environments.





If you are not familiar with any of the terms in the below filters, you can read our explanations using these quicklinks ... 




If you'd rather we did the research for you, simply fill out this short survey letting us know how and where you'll be using your meter (it only takes a couple minutes), and Steve will go through the options and email you his recommendations.