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Insulation Testers

Insulation testers are a vital tool in any electricians tool box.

From an installation point of view, they are vital, because not only do they check to see if any damage has occurred to cables during the installation process, they are required to take measurements in order to meet standards and regulations for the installation. 

From a maintenance point of view, they are extremely handy.  They can be used to test insulation of older electrical cables to see if they still meet standard and/or are not going to fail in the near future.  They can be used to check insulation on heating elements and MIMs cables to ensure the insulation is still safe, trouble shooting a failure, or testing for a possible source of leakage current that can cause nuisance tripping on residual current device protected circuits.   

They can also be used to test insulation on motors and transformers.  On initial testing and subsequent maintenance testing, the insulation tester can determine the health of the machine and ensure that the insulation throughout the machine has not broken to down toward failure point. 

Some of the testers we have below are basic insulation testers, others include Polarisation Index functions which can be used on electrical motors and transformers as mentioned above, and a lot of them have all the functions you would expect on a quality multimeter. 

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