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For over 100 years, IDEAL have been supplying their products to electricians and technicians, and today, their range consists of more than 6,000 tools.  IDEAL are committed to making sure that each tool and clamp meter in their family of products earns their position in the tool bags of the tradespeople who use them.

IDEAL Electrical set out to support and equip the electrician like no one else.  From beginning to end, they are the only brand that touch every part of the process…  and whatever your role in the electrical industry, they know and understand your job, and build the tools you need to get it done.

A highlight for IDEAL was in 1969, when they had the opportunity to provide components for the lunar landing module...  their wire strippers were specifically requested for the moon landing mission, and this because of their reputation for quality and precision, even in the most extreme environments.

From this point onwards, IDEAL began to focus on being the expert manufacturer that electrical tradesmen all over the world could count on.  

In 1992 IDEAL Industries broadened their market, and began operations in the UK with IDEAL INDUSTRIES (UK) LTD.  This was the first time that IDEAL began supplying their tools and test equipment to tradesmen outside North America.  They have since also expanded into Asia, South America, Mexico, and India, continuing to provide the highest quality products for tradesmen everywhere.

Much of IDEAL's success is largely related to their continued pursuit of excellence in every aspect of their business, from service to the manufacturing details of every durable, reliable tool.

IDEAL Electrical is part of IDEAL Industries INC, which is a family-owned, professionally run company with a 100-year history.  Their headquarters has been located in Sycamore, Illinois, since 1961.

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