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HT Instruments

HT Instruments are products of HT Italia.  They started designing and building their own instruments in 1992, after nearly of decade of experience in the industry.

After successfully manufacturing an instrument that was a world first (no competitors were able to offer a similar product), HT implemented their research & development team, which enabled them to continue to grow their product range and strengthen their sales network all over the world.

After numerous world-firsts and innovative products, some of which were extremely advanced and unmatched on the market, HT could count on thousands of dollars in sales of their products worldwide.  Each of their new product releases showed HT’s intention to invest in technology and remain a pioneer in their market.

HT’s R&D team have continued to develop and release new and cutting edge products, keeping them as one of the top names in the field of electrical test and measuring equipment, including multimeters, clamp meters, and leakage testers.  They are known for their attention to detail, their functionality, practicality, and precision.  

HT Instruments are made in Italy, and the company ensures new products undergo meticulous and rigourous inhouse testing, before they are released to the market.  They are used to the extreme and pushed to the max, ensuring that they are incredibly reliable pieces of equipment. They are also attractive, lightweight, easy to use, safe, accurate and versatile.

HT Instruments' technical innovation, alongwith their lasting value, makes HT Instruments well respected names in the multimeter and clamp meter industry.

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