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The manufacture of the Hioki range of electrical measuring instruments began in Tokyo in 1935.  After the development and successful launch of a number of products (starting with the Model H Circuit Tester), and becoming the designated manufacturer of military spec multi-testers for the US Air Force, Hioki began exporting their products to other countries around the world - first to North America, then the rest of the US market, and then China in 1984.

Hioki regularly release new instruments to the market, and have been consistently recognised as award recipients for their innovation, quality, and safe work practices. 

Their growth has continued, and led to more exports around the world, seeing Hioki open divisions and offices in Taiwan, Shanghai, India, Singapore, South Korea, Dubai, Indonesia, and Europe.  Head Office for Hioki is located in Hioki Forest Hills, Ueda, Japan.

Hioki are known the world over, not just for their development, manufacture, sale, and service of multimeters, clamp meters, leakage testers, and other electrical measuring instruments, but also for their commitment to innovation and quality.   

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