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Gossen Metrawatt

If you're looking for high-end testing and measuring equipment, you can't go past world market leaders, Gossen Metrawatt.  Owned by GMC-I Messtechnik, Gossen Metrawatt have been developing and distributing high quality products globally for over 100 years.

Their products are designed specifically for the electrical trade, industry, and the medical sector.

Gossen Metrawatt have been at the forefront of innovation since their inception, and have an excellent reputation for their electronic measuring instruments.  

Many Gossen Metrawatt products are manufactured in their home country of Germany, however as the brand has expanded globally, so has their manufacturing, and there are now also production sites in Switzerland, England, and the United States.

Gossen Metrawatt are known worldwide for their high quality and precision multimeters, clamp meters, and insulation testers.

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