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FLIR have shown themselves a force to be reckoned with since entering market in 1978, with the development of high performance, low cost, infrared imaging systems for airborne applications.  

Since then, Flir have become a world-leader in industrial technology, providing a large number of customers, including the armed forces, with their innovative technology and thermal imaging systems.  

Over the years, FLIR have utilised their skills and expertise to leverage into other areas.  They now develop and manufacture numerous related products, including digital multimeters, clamp meters, and handheld thermal imagers. 

Today, FLIR are serious players in the test & measurement instrument market.  Their high quality and reliable products have functions and features that tick a lot of boxes.  Combine this with the fact that FLIR meters are priced very affordably, and you will see why FLIR have made such a name for themselves and become so popular in the market.

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