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Bosch is a global company, with representation of their technology and products in approx 150 countries around the world.  Most of us have heard of Bosch, and many of us no doubt also have a Bosch product somewhere in our home.  

Bosch got started in Germany way back in 1886, when Robert Bosch founded the “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering”.  In their early days they focused on automotive equipment, but they have spent the last 130 or so years expanding their product range.  These days, you will see the Bosch brand name on everything from spark plugs to power tools to gardening equipment to household appliances to thermal plants to security systems, to...  yep, that's right, multimeters.

In particular, automotive digital multimeters, which is certainly a natural progression from their early days in the automotive industry. 

Bosch are known for their excellent research and development, their innovation (in 2012 the company held nearly 90,000 active patents and patent applications), and their strong customer base.  This, along with their market leadership, technology advancements, and high quality products, led to the company earning in excess of 78.5 billion euros in sales revenue in 2018.

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