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Getting to Know the Brand

History, Background and Reputation of Brands

Brand name will almost always come into consideration when you're choosing new test or measuring instruments...  and of course, we all have the familiar brands that we know and trust, but what about those slightly lesser known brands?

Before ruling out a particular product just because you’re not familiar with the history or the reputation of the brand, Delta Pro recommend you check out the below summaries of each of the brands we offer in our store.  These brands are the best and most reputable brands available in Australia.

Understanding the background of the company, the recognition they've received in the industry, and the growth they've experienced in the market, will give you peace of mind when selecting any of the below brands of multimeters, clamp meters, insulation testers, or thermal imagers.



Bosch Logo

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services, with representation in roughly 150 countries.  

Most people have heard of Bosch, whether it be for appliances or power tools…  and they are certainly no small fish! They have come along in leaps and bounds since their beginnings in Germany way back in 1886 when Robert Bosch founded the “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering”.

From their beginnings in automotive equipment, Bosch have expanded their product range over the last 130-odd years to include everything from spark plugs to power tools to gardening equipment to household appliances to thermal plants to security solutions to….  yep, you guessed it, multimeters.

And their production of automotive multimeters makes perfect sense, with their background in the automotive industry.

The Bosch Group focus on invention, and set out to fascinate with their products and services, and to provide solutions that are both innovative and beneficial.  In 2011, Bosch applied for over 4,100 patents (the equivalent of 16 patents per working day), ranking them first in the filing statistics of the German Patents and Trademark Office.  There is no question that Bosch is one of the world's leaders when it comes to innovation, with nearly 90,000 active patents and patent applications by the end of 2012.

Bosch have an excellent research and development division, and a strong customer base, and pride themselves on their market leadership, technology advancements, and high quality products.  Clearly, the market agrees, as Bosch announced sales revenue in excess of 78.5 billion euros in 2018 alone.

Check out our Bosch collection. 



Extech Instruments Logo

Extech Instruments are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of innovative, quality, handheld test, measurement and inspection tools in the world.  

Since their incorporation in the US in 1971, they’ve had a commitment to EXcellence in TECHnology (hence the Extech name!), and have been focused on building a brand of products that would be the go-to instruments for professionals, tradespeople, and DIY’ers around the globe.  

Their commitment to high feature and high value has resulted in Extech instruments being available in over 100 countries around the world.  More and more users are choosing Extech handheld test and measurement tools every day. Unsurprisingly, since they offer an unsurpassed selection of test equipment (and accessories) for every application and budget.

Extech are constantly growing and developing, and they continue to launch innovative new digital multimeters that are known for their convenient, multi-functional capabilities.  If you’re looking for a meter that is going to cover a lot of your bases, then definitely look at Extech. Their meters have a full range of features, and are built tough enough to handle the roughest work site.  And you’ll find them priced much lower than you’d expect!

Their acquisition in 2007 by FLIR Systems has only added to their credibility and reputation, making Extech one of the names to consider when looking at meters.

Check out our Extech collection.  



Flir logo

Another globally recognised quality brand has to be FLIR.  Perhaps lesser known, is where the name FLIR itself comes from….  Forward-Looking Infrared Radar.

FLIR has been going strong since 1978, when they pioneered the development of high performance, low cost, infrared imaging systems for airborne applications.  They went on to become a world-leading industrial technology company, providing many customers, including the armed forces, with their innovative technology and thermal imaging systems.  And when the armed forces are relying on the products - you know they’re quality!

Over the years FLIR have leveraged their skills and expertise and moved into numerous related products…  making them serious players today in the multimeter / clamp meter / handheld thermal imaging markets.

Not only do FLIR make high quality, reliable products with functions and features that tick a lot of boxes, but they are priced REALLY well.  If you’re looking for a top quality meter but are also watching your budget, definitely check out what FLIR has to offer.  

Check out our FLIR collection. 


Fluke logo

Hands down, you would have to agree that Fluke Corporation are one of the best known and most trusted brands for quality multimeters, clamp meters, insulation testers, and thermal imagers.

And for sure they have earned this reputation…  it’s no ‘fluke’ that Fluke meters are found in the toolboxes of tradesmen and professionals all around the world.  

Fluke have been producing solid meters for the last 70 years, with their first one hitting the market in the US shortly after the company was founded in 1948.  And since that time, Fluke have been known as innovators in the industry. They have built a reputation around producing rugged, safe, easy to use and top quality portable tools.

Safety has always been a priority for Fluke.  They have a safety lab where they rigorously test products to ensure they comply with industry safety standards.  Strict tests measure accuracy and reliability, and stress-tests (even to explosion point) ensure that the end result is a tool that performs and protects.  Their aim is to push their tools to the limit in their safety lab, making sure that users will be safe using tools that perform as promised.

And when you’re playing with electricity, safety is paramount!  

Fluke also take their design and manufacturing processes seriously.  They seek their customers input when creating new prototypes, to ensure that the look, feel, and functionality of their product is top notch.  

Truly, in every area, Fluke aim to out-perform.  Which is no doubt why Fluke has achieved the number one or two position in every market in which it competes.

Fluke are known around the globe for their portability, ruggedness, safety, ease of use, accuracy, and rigid standards of quality.  Fluke aren’t cheap, but people know what they’re paying for when investing in this brand.

Fluke is a multi-national company (a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortive Corporation), and is headquartered in Everett, Washington, USA.  They have manufacturing centres not just in the USA, but also in the UK, Asia, and The Netherlands.

Check out our Fluke collection.


Gossen Metrawatt Logo

There’s no question that Gossen Metrawatt are world market leaders when it comes to high-end measuring and testing equipment.

The Gossen Metrawatt brand is used by parent company GMC-I Messtechnik for their comprehensive range of high-quality measuring and testing technology.  Gossen Metrawatt develop and distribute these products globally for the electrical trade, industry, and the medical sector. They are well known for their quality, and often receive high praise in their reviews.

The company’s history goes back to the early 1900’s.

In 1906 Siegfried Guggenheimer founded a company (which became known as Metrawatt AG in 1933) manufacturing electronic measuring instruments.

In 1919, electrical engineer Paul Gossen also founded a company for the production of electrical measuring devices.  In 1926 he introduced the famous multi-amp volt meter MAVOMETER.

Both companies have been considered at the forefront of innovation since their inception, and have enjoyed a high reputation.  They were significant competitors with each other until, in 1992/1993, they fused to create a European market leader known as Gossen-Metrawatt GmbH.

Together with Camille Bauer, Gossen Metrawatt formed an operational unit and moved the company headquarters to Nuremberg Germany.  

Today the Gossen Metrawatt brand is owned by GMC Instruments (where the G stands for Gossen, the M for Metrawatt, and the C for Camille Bauer).  Many of the Gossen Metrawatt products are manufactured in their home country of Germany, however with the global expansion of the brand, there are now also production sites in Switzerland, England, and the United States.

Gossen Metrawatt is known the world over for their high quality and precision instruments.

Check out our Gossen Metrawatt collection. 


Hioki Logo

Mizo Hioki started manufacturing the Hioki electrical measuring instruments product range in Tokyo in 1935, operating under a company in his own name.

Seeing early success and envisioning more growth for the future, he established HIOKI Electrical Instrument Works in 1938.  Mizo’s brothers, Mineji and Shiro, joined him in the business in 1942.

In 1946 Hioki launched their first tester, the Model H Circuit Tester.

In 1952 Hioki became the designated manufacturer of military spec multi-testers for use by the US Air Force (in the Far East) in their aircraft maintenance.  The favourable response they received from this arrangement with the US Air Force, led to Hioki exporting testers to North America just a couple of years later.

After developing and launching a number of new products locally, Hioki, in 1977, launched their product range in the US market.

In 1984, Hioki began exporting their products to the Chinese market.

Hioki regularly released new instruments to the market, and were consistently recognised as award recipients for their innovation, quality, safe work practices, being certification compliant, and their commitment to the environment, specifically afforestation.

In 1998 the local subsidiary Hioki USA Corporation was established in the United States.

The product launches, awards, and recognitions continued, and the growth Hioki has experienced led them to open divisions and offices in Taiwan, Shanghai, India, Singapore, South Korea, Dubai, Indonesia, and Europe.  Head Office for Hioki is located in Hioki Forest Hills, Ueda, Japan.

Hioki are known the world over, not just for their development, manufacture, sale, and service of electrical measuring instruments, but also for their commitment to innovation and quality.  

Check out our Hioki collection.


HT Instruments logo

HT Instruments are products of company HT Italia, which was born in Italy in 1983.  Their mission has always been clear… to become the leader in the electrical technical sector.

In 1992, after nearly a decade of experience and gathering ideas, HT started designing and building their own instruments.  They created their first model, the Master HT2031. At that time, no competitor could offer a product performing safety testing on installations and simultaneously printing a professional report via a built-in printer.  The success of this new equipment gave HT the fuel it needed to start a research team of engineers responsible for designing and developing further instruments.  

The implementation of this team enabled HT to strengthen their sales network all over the world, and in 1994 they opened a subsidiary in Spain, with the aim of bringing their technology to emerging markets.

1996 saw the development of HT’s FullTest HT2036, the only instrument on the market capable of testing safety conditions on equipment and electrical panels.

Further development led to HT launching the Genius 5080 in 1999, another innovation, being the first instrument to combine testing of electrical safety with power analysis. A real step forward in the world of instruments.  This type of product has been featuring HT among all its competitors.

In 2000, HT launched the 2000 series, consisting of 6 models, all designed to meet the requirements of every electrical installer and designer.

Only a year later, HT launched the series GSC, the first instruments on the market combining safety testing on electrical installations with single- and three-phase analysis of power quality.  GSC represented a revolution in technology and communication. 

Just a few months after its launch, HT could count on thousands of sales worldwide. GSC is still today a real icon in the equipment field.

The company continued to evolve and develop new and innovative products, including the VEGA76 in 2004, the 400 series in 2007, and the PQA series (extremely advanced and unmatched on the market), also in 2007.  Each of their new product releases showed HT’s intention to invest in technology and remain a pioneer in its market.

In 2007 HT INSTRUMENTS GmbH was founded, a second branch located in Germany.

In the years since, HT’s R&D team have continued to develop and release new and cutting edge products, including multimeters and clamp meters, to the market, keeping them as one of the top names in the field of electrical test and measuring equipment.  They are known for their attention to detail, their functionality, practicality, and precision.  

Made in Italy, HT Instruments ensure new products undergo meticulous and rigourous inhouse testing, before being released to the market.  They are used to the extreme and pushed to the max, ensuring that they are incredibly reliable pieces of equipment. They are also attractive, lightweight, easy to use, safe, accurate and versatile.

The range of HT Instruments is constantly growing and improving, and their technical innovation, alongwith their lasting value, makes HT Instruments well respected names in the multimeter and clamp meter industry.

Check out our HT Instruments collection.



IDEAL logo

IDEAL Electrical aim to support, understand, and equip the electrician like nobody else.  From cut to test, IDEAL Electrical are the only brand that touch every part of the process…  and whether you’re an electrical contractor or datacomm technician, production engineer or plant manager, they know and understand your job, and build the tools and clamp meters you need to get it done.

They’ve been committed to this craft for more than 100 years.  Today, more than 6,000 tools and supplies make up the IDEAL family of products, and IDEAL make sure that each one earns their place in the tool bags of the tradespeople who use them.

IDEAL Electrical is part of IDEAL Industries INC, which is a family-owned, professionally run company with a 100-year history.


IDEAL Industries INC was started by J Walter Becker in Chicago in 1916, and he had the belief that every product should be worth more than its price. Service, he said, is part of the product.  

IDEAL Industries is perhaps most well known for their wire connectors, the cornerstone of their product line, which they first introduced in 1929.  These connectors were some of the first products IDEAL ever produced for the electrical industry and they represented significant advances in safety, reliability and ease of installation.

In 1950, they expanded their core focus and began the manufacturing and distribution of Electrical components.  A big moment for IDEAL, was contributing components used in the lunar landing module in 1969. Their wire strippers were specifically requested for the moon landing mission, because of their reputation for quality and precision, even in the most extreme environments.

After this, IDEAL began to focus on being the expert manufacturer that electrical tradesmen could count on.  Every new industry expansion since 1970, has given IDEAL the opportunity to take what they have learned, and apply it to new fields.

In 1992 IDEAL Industries expanded into global operations with IDEAL INDUSTRIES (UK) LTD., marking the first time IDEAL had broadened its reach to tradesmen beyond North America.

In 1996  IDEAL Industries received ISO 9001 certification for quality management, validating its pursuit of excellence in every aspect of the business, from service to the manufacturing details of every durable, reliable tool.

Since 2002, they have expanded into Asia and South America, and Mexico and India, continuing to produce and provide the highest quality products for tradesmen wherever they are.

Over the past two decades, IDEAL Industries have acquired numerous other companies, broadening their range of products and expertise available, and paving the way for IDEAL to provide innovative solutions for tradesmen in every industry it touches.

Their headquarters, the heart and home of IDEAL Industries, has been located in Sycamore, Illinois, since 1961.

Check out our IDEAL collection.

Kyoritsu logo

Kyoritsu was established in Japan in 1940, to manufacture electric materials.  Since then, Kyoritsu has made customer satisfaction, and providing high quality products and services, their top priorities. 

They have been awarded numerous awards and prizes over the years, including…

  • In 2001, their Kewmate 2000, a digital multimeter with AC/DC open clamp sensor, was awarded the prize of Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) in the Electrical Construction Equipment and Materials Fair.
  • In 2012, their Consent N-Etester KEW4500 received an award  in the Electrical Construction Equipment and Materials Fair, produced by Japan Electrical Construction Association.
  •  In 2013, their earth tester KEW4500 won the Technological Innovation prize of Shikoku Industry & Technology Promotion Center. 
  • In 2016, Ior Logger KEW5050 received an award in the Electrical Construction Equipment and Materials Fair, produced by Japan Electrical Construction Association. 

State of the art electrical measurement technology products, including clamp meters and multimeters, are the backbone of the Kyoritsu business.  Their wide line of testers has contributed to technological developments and industrial infrastructures worldwide.

Kyoritsu headquarters and factory are located in Tokyo, Japan, although they also have a presence in China (since 2003), England (since 2003), Italy (since 2008), and Singapore (since 2015).

Check out our Kyoritsu collection.


Lutron logo

Lutron Electronic Enterprise Co Ltd was established in Taiwan in 1976, and has been the country’s leading manufacturer in the fields of Test & Measurement Instruments for more than 40 years. 

Lutron are devoted to launching the most comprehensive and professional range of instruments to the market.  Their range includes multimeters, clamp meters, leakage testers, and insulation testers, and almost 95% of their products are exported to over 80 countries in the world.    

The high quality of Lutron’s products and their remarkable research & development ability, has earned Lutron an excellent global reputation.  Users can be confident that all of the Lutron range of meters and testers will meet or exceed quality requirements.  

Lutron products are known for their affordable pricing.  In order to provide the most competitive pricing, they have set up their manufacturing facility in a way that enables them to produce top-quality, well-designed products, that are still economically priced.

They have also kept on expanding product lines to serve customers' needs, so invest a lot of time and money in R&D to reform and develop new products every year.

Check out our Lutron collection.

Prova logo

PROVA were established in Taiwan in 1991, as a professional manufacturer of test and measurement instruments, and now with over 25 years experience and well skilled employees, the PROVA product range is high quality.  

To become one of the best leading manufacturers in the industry, every year PROVA design and develop new products to meet the market requirements. 

In the beginning, they produced Clamp meters, Anemometers, Tachometers, and Calibrators. Then, they successfully developed their main products – Clamp-on ground resistance testers, Power and Harmonics Analyzers, Flexible current meters, and Milli-Ohmmeters.  These products earned PROVA positive feedback from the electrical test and measurement market.

More recently, not only are PROVA continuing to work on the power measurement industry, they are also extending the application of their instruments to the Solar / PV industry, by releasing a new product series – the PV System Analyzer. 

PROVA’s goal is to keep designing new products with high quality and excellent performance, to offer customers more choices.

PROVA are confident in their competitive prices, friendly customer service, and prompt delivery.  This is what has earned them their worldwide customer base, and allows them to continue growing steadily each year.  

Check out our PROVA collection.


REED Instruments logo

REED Instruments have been providing quality portable precision test and measurement instruments, such as multimeters and clamp meters / tongmeters, since 2004.   They have over 180 instruments in their product range, and these are used daily by tradespeople everywhere… industrial maintenance teams, quality control departments, HVAC/R contractors, electricians and health & safety professionals, just to name a few.

REED instruments are a more affordable alternative to higher priced test and measurement products.  However, the more economical price, doesn’t mean that they’re sacrificing quality. Before bringing new products to market, REED laboratories review, test, adjust and re-test their products.  Once satisfied with product quality and performance, they launch and back their items with a 1 year warranty.

REED Instruments have offices in both Canada and North America.

Check out our REED Instruments collection.


Tenmars Logo

Tenmars Electronics Co, established in 2001 in Taiwan, are manufacturers specialising in test and measurement instruments.

With nearly 20 years experience in design and manufacturing, Tenmars research and development team has enabled the company to create and produce safe, user friendly, and high quality instruments.  They utilise advanced technology and equipment to ensure their range of test and measurement products are not only high performance, but also reliable and durable.

The main products manufactured by Tenmars Electronics Co are…  Clamp Meters, Sound Level Meters, Light Meters, EMF/RF Meters, Temp/RH Meters, and Insulation Testers.  

You will find their products labelled under either the Tenmars brand name, or YFE, Sirius, or Soundtek.

With success in their marketplace locally, Tenmars Electronics also export their range of products to Japan, the UK, the US, and other European countries.

Check out our Tenmars collection.


Yokogawa Logo

The history of Yokogawa Meters & Instruments dates back to 1915, when Tamisuke Yokogawa established an electric meter institute in Tokyo.  In 1917, they became the first to produce and sell electric meters in Japan.

In the mid 1930’s, Yokogawa expanded their product range and started researching and manufacturing aircraft instruments and flow, temperature, and pressure controllers.

In 1955, after signing an agreement with Foxboro USA to supply industrial instruments, they established a sales office in North America.

Yokogawa continued to grow their business, and in 1964, they expanded into the industrial analyser market.  Just a few years later, they also developed and began manufacturing vortex flow meters.

Their success and continued business growth led to Yokogawa establishing plants in both Singapore and Europe (in 1974), and then in China (in 1985).

Today Yokogawa are known as leading providers of Industrial Automation and Test and Measurement solutions.  Their multimeters, clamp meters, leakage testers, and other instruments utilise superior engineering services and technology, and Yokogawa consistently deliver field-proven operational efficiency, safety, quality, and reliability.

Check out our Yokogawa collection.